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Wizards: Tales of Arcadia

Following the events of Trollhunters and 3Below, Hisirdoux " Douxie" Casperan - who has secretly been the apprentice of Merlin for nine centuries - must recruit the Guardians of Arcadia to travel back in time to the 12th century’s Camelot. During the journey, the heroes learn why the amulet was built, how Morgana became the Pale Lady, and what were the events that lead up to the battle at Killahead Bridge. Back to the present, they must find a way to save Jim, protect their friends and confront the evil Arcane Order, who want to unleash raw magic across the globe.

Actor Character
Colin O’Donoghue Douxie Casperan
Lexi Medrano Clare Nuñez
David Bradley Merlin
Lena Headey Morgana
James Faulkner King Arthur
Steven Yeun Steve Palchuk
Alfred Molina Archie the cat-dragon
John Rhys-Davies Sir Galahad
Rupert Penry-Jones Sir Lancelot
Emile Hirsch Jim Lake Jr.
Kelsey Grammer Blinky Galadrigal
Mark Hamill Dictatious Galadrigal
Stephanie Beatriz Callista
Angel Lin Nari
Clancy Brown Gunmar
Diego Luna Krel Tarron
Darin De Paul Bular
Charlie Saxton Toby Domzalski
Fred Tatasciore AAARRRGGHH!!!

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