Wizards: Tales of Arcadia

Broadcast date: 10 January 2021 Episode: 110

Wizards: Tales of Arcadia ties together the other two shows in Guillermo Del Toro’s animated universe on Netflix. We discuss Wizards without any spoilers you wouldn’t get from the trailer, so if you’ve finished it yet or not, you can enjoy our discussion!

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Actor: Colin ODonoghue  Lexi Medrano  David Bradley  Lena Headey  James Faulkner  Steven Yeun  Alfred Molina  John Rhys-Davies  Rupert Penry-Jones  Emile Hirsch  Kelsey Grammer  Mark Hamill  Stephanie Beatriz  Angel Lin  Clancy Brown  Diego Luna  Darin De Paul  Charlie Saxton 
Character: Douxie Casperan  Clare Nuñez  Merlin  Morgana  King Arthur  Steve Palchuk  Sir Galahad  Sir Lancelot  Jim Lake Jr.  Blinky  AAARRRGGHH!!!  Steve Palchuk  Gunmar  Toby Domzalski  Callista  Daya 
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