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Margo Kidder will always be my Lois Lane

Margo Kidder will always be my Lois Lane

The first actress I became aware of playing Lois Lane was Noel Neill, in the black & white Adventures of Superman. But the one who really made an impact on me was Margo Kidder in the 1978 Superman movie. She embodied to me what Lois should be: strong and smart, but also concerned and kind. An independent woman who didn’t need Superman, but her affection for him made him a better, more connected man. There have been many other actresses that have portrayed Ms. Lane over the years, but none of them have been able to capture the Lois Lane the way Margo Kidder did.

Margo Kidder died today, but her portrayal of Lois Lane will always live on, not just to me, but as arguably the most iconic performance of that iconic character. For a generation of us, she was Lois Lane, for better or worse, and all other portrayals are judged against hers. I very much enjoyed Amy Adams in the recent Man of Steel and think she is a fine Lois Lane, but something about Margo Kidder’s Lois still holds my heart. Maybe it’s the age at which I first saw her, maybe it’s that she resembles the comic character more, or maybe it’s the way Margo played her. But I think she’ll always be my Lois, and I hope she and Christopher Reeve are enjoying a fond reunion.

Goodnight, Lois.

Published on: May 14, 2018

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