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Who we are

Meet The Ωmega Beam team:

Orren Merton – Host

Orren loves dogs. And comics. And tech gadgets. And sci-fi/fantasy. And figurines and art of all of the above. So he started The Ωmega Beam as a way of sharing all those loves with other people who share those loves.

When he’s not hosting The Ωmega Beam podcast, he writes novels and short stories, mostly urban fantasy and science fiction. With dogs, obviously. He also has a heavy electro rock band, Ember After.

Golden – Panelist

When voice actress Golden isn’t busy recording audiobooks, she likes to immerse herself in sci-fi/fantasy films, tv, movies, and novels; comics; Dungeons & Dragons and boardgames in general; Ren Faire; all things Disney; and collecting ornate artisanal blown glass. She loves dogs too (sort of a theme here). As Orren’s partner in geekery, she joins The Ωmega Beam whenever she can.

Caren Spitler – Panelist

Caren Spitler is a force to be reckoned with in the Los Angeles art scene. She has her own online site/magazine, The Art of LA, and can be found on Instagram exploring the best of the LA art and music scenes. When her schedule allows, The Ωmega Beam is her outlet for discussing sci-fi/fantasy entertainment.

Chris Spitler – Panelist

Chris parlayed a love of comics, science fiction, and fantasy into running the drama department of a Los Angeles area middle school. When he takes a break from training the next generation to express themselves, we sometimes get him to express himself on The Ωmega Beam.

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