Flash Gordon - 40th Anniversary 4K Collector’s Edition

Broadcast date: 25 October 2020 Episode: 99

Do you love the 1980 sci-fi cult-classic Flash Gordon as much as we do? Or at least are you curious about it? A brand new 4K UHD Collector’s Edition has been released, which we took as an opportunity to rewatch the movie and discuss both the film and the new edition!

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Actor: Sam J. Jones  Melody Anderson  Max von Sydow  Topol  Ornella Muti  Timothy Dalton  Brian Blessed  Peter Wyngarde 
Character: Flash Gordon  Dale Arden  Hans Zarkov  Ming the Merciless  Princess Aura  Prince Barin  Prince Voltan  General Klytus 
Director: Mike Hodges 
Tags: Dino De Laurentis