Series Rewatch - The Dark Knight Trilogy

Broadcast date: 12 July 2020 Episode: 85

Spending more time at home this summer means more time to rewatch classics from the past! Starting off our series of series rewatches, we are joined by friend of the show David Raiklen to discuss Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises. There are some spoilers, so be warned!

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Actor: Christian Bale  Michael Caine  Morgan Freeman  Gary Oldman  Liam Neeson  Katie Holmes  Aaron Eckhart  Heath Ledger  Maggie Gyllenhaal  Anne Hathaway  Tom Hardy  Marion Cotillard 
Character: Batman  Bruce Wayne  Alfred Pennyworth  Lucius Fox  James Gordon  Harvey Dent  Two-face  Joker  Selina Kyle  Catwoman  Ra's Al Ghul  Talia Al Ghul 
Director: Christopher Nolan 
Tags: DC