CW Premieres, Tech Gadgets, and the iPad Pro

Broadcast date: 15 October 2017 Episode: 6

In this episode:

The CW superhero shows (Supergirl, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and Arrow premiered this week, so I give you my thoughts on how the shows are starting off. (:42)

Next, I get a little techie. Lots of new gadgets and devices have introduced by the big tech companies these last few weeks. I talk about three that I either bought, or would consider buying: the Apple TV 4K, Echo Spot, and Google Clip (with honorable mention to the Echo Button). (6:44)

I end by talking about my big tech purchase of late: an iPad Pro 12.9” and how it works with the recently released iOS 11. (16:45)

Quick apology—I didn’t have my normal podcasting rig, so the audio isn’t 100% where I’d like it. I make up for it with a silly effect in the middle of the ‘cast. Enjoy!

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Actor: Stephen Amell  Grant Gustin  Melissa Benoist  Caty Lotz  Brandon Routh  Dominic Percell  Nick Nano 
Character: Arrow  Supergirl  Flash  White Canary  Atom  Steel  Heat Wave 
Genre: superhero 
Tags: DC  Arrow  Supergirl  Flash  Legends of Tomorrow  CW