Golden Picks: Maleficent

Broadcast date: 25 November 2019 Episode: 55

We’re starting a new thing on The Ωmega Beam. It doesn’t have an official name yet, but one of us picks a genre movie that the other hasn’t seen, watch it together, and then discuss it. We’re kicking it off with a Golden pick: Maleficent.

The movie is around 5 or 6 years old, so the statute of limitations on spoilers may be over…but just in case, there are some spoilers here!

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Actor: Angelina Jolie  Elle Fanning  Sharlto Copley  Lesley Manville  Imelda Staunton  Juno Temple  Sam Riley  Brenton Thwaites 
Character: Maleficent  Aurora  Stefan  Flittle  Knotgrass  Thistletwit  Diaval  Prince Phillip 
Director: Robert Stromberg 
Tags: Disney