Special Edition: Superhero Soundtracks

Broadcast date: 31 August 2019 Episode: 49

One of our favorite aspects of a great superhero movie is the excellent, otherworldly score. We invited friend of the podcast composer David Raiklen back to the podcast for a deep dive into what makes a superhero score unique, and to discus how they have evolved in the modern age of superhero movies, beginning with 1978’s Superman.

In this episode, we play short snippets of four pieces from superhero soundtracks, that you can stream from the links below:

Superman March (Alternate Version)
Superman The Movie (1978) John Williams
(Apple Music) (Spotify) (YouTube)

Why So Serious?
The Dark Knight (2008) James Newton Howard & Hans Zimmer
(Apple Music) (Spotify) (YouTube)

The Avengers
The Avengers (2012) Alan Silvestri
(Apple Music) (Spotify) (YouTube)

Casino Brawl
Black Panther (Original Score) (2018) Ludwig Göransson
(Apple Music) (Spotify) (YouTube)

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