Game of Thrones - Season 8 and Series Wrap-up

Broadcast date: 19 August 2019 Episode: 48

If you’re like us, you watched Game of Thrones Season 8. And if you’re like us, you have a lot of thoughts about the season, and the series as a whole.

Join us, along with special return guest Alex Rajczi to not just discuss what we thought of the season, but of the storytelling of the whole show, and how people today relate to the stories and characters of medieval fantasy. We go deep, but let’s be honest, love or hate the last season, this show deserves it!

SPOILER ALERT: It should be obvious from the description, but we talk in depth about season 8 and the whole show, so if you haven’t seen it yet, and you want it to be a surprise, finish the show first, then listen to this episode!

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Actor: Peter Dinklage  Emilia Clarke  Kit Harrington  Sophie Turner  Maisie Williams  Lena Headey  Nikolaj Coster-Waldau  John Bradley  Isaac Hempstead Wright 
Character: Jon Snow  Daenerys Targaryen  Tyrion Lannister  Cersei Lannister  Sansa Stark  Arya Stark  Jaime Lannister  Samwell Tarly  Bran Stark 
Tags: George R.R. Martin  HBO  David Benioff  D.B. Weiss