Game of Thrones Panel

Broadcast date: 26 September 2017 Episode: 4

Like the previous episode, this episode is a panel disccusion. This time, we’re talking about Game of Thrones Season 7.

As before, my panel consists of Caren Spitler, Chris Spitler, and myself.

SPOILER ALERT: we talk about the whole season, even referring to previous seasons a little, so if you’re not caught up yet, be warned!

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Actor: Peter Dinklage  Emilia Clarke  Kit Harrington  Sophie Turner  Maisie Williams  Lena Headey  Nikolaj Coster-Waldau  John Bradley  Isaac Hempstead Wright 
Character: Jon Snow  Daenerys Targaryen  Tyrion Lannister  Cersei Lannister  Sansa Stark  Arya Stark  Jaime Lannister  Samwell Tarly  Bran Stark 
Tags: Game of Thrones  George R.R. Martin  HBO  David Benioff  D.B. Weiss