Star Trek: Discovery - Season 2

Broadcast date: 24 April 2019 Episode: 39

Now that the season 2 finale of Star Trek: Discovery has aired, it’s time for us to share our thoughts about this past season and the direction of the show.

Keep in mind that if you haven’t finished the season, there are spoilers here. We try not to give everything away, but if you want to come in completely fresh and knowing nothing, you should finish the season first. If you don’t mind learning about the direction of the season and some of the events, or if you’re new to Star Trek: Discovery and want to know what it’s about, you’re good to go!

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Actor: Sonequa Martin-Green  Doug Jones  Anthony Rapp  Mary Wiseman  Shazad Latif  Wilson Cruz  Michelle Yeoh  Anson Mount  Ethan Peck  Jayne Brook  James Frain  Mia Kirshner  Alan Van Sprang 
Character: Michael Burnham  Saru  Christopher Pike  Spock  Sarek  Amanda Grayson 
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