Doctor Who Season 11

Broadcast date: 22 March 2019 Episode: 36

Time for us to dive into Doctor Who, Season 11–the first series of Doctor Who to feature a female doctor! (Note: American TV refers to each new batch of shows as a “season,” British TV as a “series,” both terms interchangeably.)

The discussion isn’t heavy on spoilers, but there are a few, so be forewarned!

If you want to watch the season, the entire thing should be available to stream via BBC online or app (or your local BBC channel, such as BBC America) if you have a cable subscription. If you don’t, you can always wait until it hits a streaming service like Netflix, or you can buy the season as a package on your favorite digital media retailer (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc)

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Actor: Jodie Whittaker  Bradley Walsh  Tosin Cole  Mandip Gill 
Character: The Doctor  Graham O'Brien  Ryan Sinclair  Yasmin Khan 
Tags: Chris Chibnall