Special Edition Comic-Con Panel

Broadcast date: 25 July 2018 Episode: 23

In this episode of The Ī©mega Beam:

Golden and I drove down south to San Diego to participate in the wonder and madness that is Comic-Con International, aka San Diego Comic-Con. We give our impressions, opinions, and experiences, discussing what we did while down there, along with our thoughts on three world premieres we saw: Castle Rock (new TV series coming to Hulu), Jack Ryan (New TV series coming to Amazon Video), and Death of Superman (direct-to-video DC Animated feature).

Here are some links related to panels and videos we discuss:

YouTube Original: Impulse
YouTube Original: Origin
John Barrowman
Sandman: House of Whispers
The Big Bang Theory
Hulu Original: Castle Rock
Amazon Original: Jack Ryan
Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger
DC Animation: Death of Superman
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

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