Comic book TV shows end of Season thoughts

Broadcast date: 28 June 2018 Episode: 21

In this episode of The Ωmega Beam:

The vast majority of this episode looks back on the comic-based TV shows that ended their seasons recently, and my final impressions of them . I discuss LuciferSupergirlDC’s Legends of TomorrowThe FlashArrow, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I also include one bonus show, the recently introduced Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger (:37).

After that, I take some time to talk about the future of the podcast, and what it’s going to look like in weeks to come (23:30).


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Actor: Stephen Amell  Grant Gustin  Melissa Benoist  Caty Lotz  Brandon Routh  Dominic Percell  Nick Nano  Tom Ellis  Lauren German  Leslie-Ann Brandt  Rachel Harris  Aimee Garcia  Kevin Alejandro  Tricia Helfer  Clark Gregg 
Character: Arrow  Supergirl  Flash  White Canary  Atom  Steel  Heat Wave  Lucifer  Agent Coulson  Cloak & Dagger  Agents of SHIELD 
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