Wednedsay - Season 1

Broadcast date: 14 January 2023 Episode: 194

Tim Burton co-created this series featuring Wednesday Addams, previously portrayed only as a child, now a teenager attending Nevermore, a creepy high school for “misfits” and people with supernatural abilities. The first season of Wednesday is streaming in it’s entirety, so that means it’s time to discuss it! Since it’s a mystery, we didn’t want to give too much away, so while we do go into spoilers at the end, we keep them generally lighter.

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Actor: Jenna Ortega  Gwendoline Christie  Jamie McShane  Hunter Doohan  Percy Hynes White  Emma Myers  Joy Sunday  Moosa Mostafa  Victor Dorobantu  Catherine Zeta-Jones  Luis Guzman  Gwendoline Christie  Christina Ricci 
Character: Wednesday Addams  Donovan Galpin  Tyler Galpin  Xavier Thorpe  Enid Sinclair  Joy Sunday  Bianca Barclay  Eugene Ottinger  Thing  Morticia Addams  Gomez Addams  Larissa Weems  Marylin Thornhill 
Tags: Tim Burton  Addams Family  Netflix