The Sandman - Season 1

Broadcast date: 21 August 2022 Episode: 183

Neil Gaiman’s epic graphic saga The Sandman finally makes it to live action! Netflix has dropped both the 10-episode first season, and a bonus episode consisting of two short stories. We dive into both!

Fair warning: while we don’t go into massive spoilers, because the story itself is over 30 years old, we don’t adhere as tightly to our usual “spoiler-free up front, spoilers in the back” organization.

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Actor: Tom Sturridge  Vivienne Acheampong  Patton Oswalt  Jenna Coleman  Gwendoline Christie  Kirby Howell-Baptiste  Boyd Holbrook  Kyo Ra  David Thewlis  Mason Alexander Park 
Character: The Sandman  Morpheus  Dream  Lucienne  Matthew the Raven  Johanna Constantine  Lucifer Morningstar  Death  Corinthian  Desire 
Tags: DC  Netflix  Neil Gaiman