WonderCon, Suicide Squad, Kevin Hearne, Batman Ninja, Ready Player One

Broadcast date: 3 April 2018 Episode: 16

In this episode of The Ī©mega Beam:

This year I attended WonderCon in Orange County, California. (:54). I give my impressions of the con, and also some of the great premieres and panels I saw there:

I took in the DC Animated movie Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay (3:27)

A panel with fantasy author Kevin Hearne (6:30)

And another DC Animated movie, this one from Warner Japan called Batman Ninja (8:22).

Finally, I give a spoiler free review of Ready Player One. (10:33)

Thanks for listening, and enjoy!

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Character: Batman  Harley Quinn  Deadshot 
Director: Steven Spielberg 
Tags: DC  Suicide Squad  Batman Ninja  Kevin Hearne  Ready Player One  convention