Stargirl - Season 2 (Stargirl: Summer School)

Broadcast date: 23 January 2022 Episode: 158

Summer school is out! That’s right, season two of Stargirl, Stargirl: Summer School is now streaming in its entirety on the CW app and HBO Max, which means it’s time for us to discuss it! We do a quick spoiler-free review at the beginning, then go deep into the season.

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Actor: Brec Bassinger  Yvette Monreal  Anjelika Washington  Cameron Gellman  Amy Smart  Luke Wilson  Trae Romano  Meg DeLacy  Nick Tarabay  Jonathan Cake 
Character: Stargirl  Courtney Whitmore  Pat Dugan  S.T.R.I.P.E.  Wildcat  Dr. Midnight  Hourman  Solomon Grundy  Shiv  Eclipso  Shade 
Tags: DC  CW  Greg Berlanti