Spider-Man: No Way Home

Broadcast date: 26 December 2021 Episode: 154

The third and final Spider-Man film in the Sony/Marvel “Homecoming” trilogy, Spider-Man: No Way Home, is now in theaters. Friend of the show David Raiklen joins us for a far-reaching discussion of the movie. We start out spoiler-free, and give you ample warning before we get into the details.

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Actor: Tom Holland  Zendaya  Marisa Tomei  Benedict Cumberbatch  Jacob Batalon  Jon Favreau  Jamie Foxx  Willem Dafoe  Alfred Molina  Andrew Garfield  Tobey Maguire  J. K. Simmons  Thomas Haden Church 
Character: Spider-Man  Peter Parker  MJ  Aunt May  Ned Leeds  Happy Hogan  Max Dillon  Electro  Norman Osborne  Green Goblin  Otto Octavius  Doctor Octopus  J. Jonah Jameson  Flint Marko  Sandman 
Director: Jon Watts 
Tags: Marvel  Sony