Broadcast date: 31 October 2021 Episode: 146

It’s finally here: the first half of the latest cinematic adaption of Frank Herbert’s 1965 seminal science-fiction classic, Dune. Our discussion begins spoiler-free, then goes into spoilers, but it feels a little odd putting a spoiler warning on a discussion of a story that is over 56 years old…

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Actor: Timothee Chalamet  Rebecca Ferguson  Oscar Isaac  Josh Brolin  Stellan SkarsgĂ„rd  Dave Bautista  Zendaya  David Dastmalchian  Sharon Duncan-Brewster  Jason Momoa  Javier Bardem 
Character: Paul Atreides  Lady Jessica  Baron Harkonnen  Glossu Rabban  Chani  Stilgar 
Director: Denis Villeneuve 
Tags: HBO Max