The Suicide Squad

Broadcast date: 8 August 2021 Episode: 136

James Gunn is back with a new superhero movie, this time for the DCEU! The Suicide Squad is in theaters and streaming on HBO Max, which means it’s time for us to discuss it! We start out spoiler-free, and give ample warning before we switch into spoiler mode.

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Actor: Margot Robbie  Idris Elba  John Cena  Joel Kinnaman  Daniela Melchior  David Dastmalchian  Peter Capaldi  Viola Davis 
Character: Harley Quinn  Bloodsport  Peacemaker  Rick Flagg  Ratcatcher  Polka-Dot Man  The Thinker  Amanda Waller 
Director: James Gunn 
Tags: DC