Justice Society: World War II

Broadcast date: 9 May 2021 Episode: 125

Warner Brothers has released a new DC Animated film, Justice Society: WWII, and we discuss it along with the included short film, Kumandi: Last Boy on Earth. We don’t give any more spoilers than you’d find in the trailer, so if you’ve seen it or not, you’re covered.

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Actor: Stana Katic  Matt Bomer  Omid Abtahi  Matthew Mercer  Elysia Rotaru  Armen Taylor  Darren Criss  Keith Ferguson  Ashleigh LaThrop 
Character: Wonder Woman  The Flash  Barry Allen  Carter Hall  Hawkman  Rex Tyler  Hourman  Dinah Lance  Black Canary  Jay Garrick  Clark Kent  Superman  Doctor Fate  Iris West  Kumandi 
Director: Jeff Wamester 
Tags: DC