Broadcast date: 7 March 2021 Episode: 118

If you’ve been paying attention to genre television, you have no doubt heard of WandaVision, Marvel’s first TV show directly tied into the MCU movies, now streaming in its entirety on Disney+. Since this show is so popular we’re betting most of you have seen it, after the first few minutes of spoiler-free discussion, we go full spoilers in this episode.

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Actor: Elizabeth Olsen  Paul Bettany  Kathryn Hahn  Teyonah Parris  Randall Park  Kat Dennings  Josh Stamberg 
Character: Wanda Maximoff  Scarlet Witch  Vision  Agatha Harkness  Monica Rambeau  Photon  Jimmy Woo  Darcy Lewis 
Tags: Marvel  Disney+