Series Rewatch - Lord of the Rings Trilogy Extended Edition 4k Re-release

Broadcast date: 21 February 2021 Episode: 116

Just like our last episode, it’s time for a Middle Earth series rewatch! Like The Hobbit, Warner Brothers recently released updated theatrical and extended editions of all three Lord of The Rings movies in 4k and with enhanced sound, and we share our thoughts on the films and the new editions with you!

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Actor: Elijah Wood  Viggo Mortensen  Sean Bean  Dominic Monaghan  Sean Astin  Ian McKellen  John Rhys-Davies  Orlando Bloom  Billy Boyd  Ian Holm  Liv Tyler  Hugo Weaving  Cate Blanchett  Andy Serkis  Christopher Lee 
Character: Frodo Baggins  Aragorn  Boromir  Meriadoc Brandybuck  Samwise Gamgee  Gandalf  Gimli  Legolas  Peragrin Took  Bilbo Baggins  Arwen  Elrond  Galadriel  Gollum  Smeagol  Saruman 
Director: Peter Jackson 
Tags: Lord of the Rings