Star Wars The Last Jedi, The Punisher, and Doctor Who

Broadcast date: 27 December 2017 Episode: 11

In this episode, the last episode of 2017:

This episode is filled to the top with goodness, and NO SPOILERS for anything being discussed!

First, I give you my thoughts on Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi, including the fan controversy that has surrounded the film. (1:10).

Then I discuss the latest Netflix Marvel series The Punisher, and how compelling a character Frank Castle is. (7:48)

Next up, the Doctor Who Christmas Special “Twice Upon A Time,” and some of my opinions of the Stephen Moffet years of Doctor Who, and Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. (16:09)

Finally, I end the podcast with some end of year thoughts about where Culture Pop Remix is, and where it’s going in 2018 and beyond.

Thanks for listening, and enjoy!

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Actor: Mark Hamill  Carrie Fisher  Adam Driver  Daisy Ridley  John Boyega  Oscar Isaac  Jon Bernthal  Peter Capaldi 
Character: Luke Skywalker  Princess Leia  Chewbacca  Kylo Ren  Rey  Finn  Poe Dameron  Punisher  The Doctor 
Director: Rian Johnson 
Tags: Punisher  time travel  Star Wars  Lucasfilm  Marvel  Netflix  BBC