3 Below: Tales of Arcadia

Broadcast date: 13 December 2020 Episode: 106

Let’s talk about the second show in Guillermo Del Toro’s “Tales of Arcadia,” 3 Below! Just as with the first show in the shared universe, Trollhunters, we keep spoilers to a minimum, not too much more than you’d find in the trailer.

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Actor: Tatiana Maslany  Diego Luna  Nick Offerman  Glenn Close  Frank Welker  Alon Aboutboul  Tom Kenny  Cheryl Hines  Nick Frost  Hayley Atwell  Steven Yeun  Charlie Saxton  Cole Sand  Fred Tatasciore 
Character: Aja Tarron  Krel Tarron  Varvatos Vex  Zadra  Steve Palchuk  Toby Domzalski  AAARRRGGHH!!!  Eli Pepperjack 
Tags: Guillermo Del Toro