Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia

Broadcast date: 29 November 2020 Episode: 104

We watched all three parts, 53 episodes, of Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia, the first show in Guillermo Del Toro’s Netflix animated “Tales of Arcadia” trilogy. We keep spoilers to a minimum, so if you’ve seen some, all, or none of the episodes, you’re good to go!

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Actor: Anton Yelchin  Kelsey Grammer  Charlie Saxton  Lexi Medrano  Jonathan Hyde  Fred Tatasciore  Amy Landecker  Victor Raider-Wexler  Steven Yeun  Lauren Tom  Clancy Brown  Jimmie Wood  Ike Amadi  Mark Hamill  Anjelica Huston  Cole Sand  Lena Headey  David Bradley 
Character: Jim Lake Jr.  Toby Domzalski  Clare Nuñez  Blinky  Walter Strickler  AAARRRGGHH!!!  Steve Palchuk  Eli Pepperjack  Nomura  Gunmar  Morgana le Fay  Merlin 
Tags: Guillermo Del Toro  Netflix