Welcome to Culture Pop Remix

Broadcast date: 17 August 2017 Episode: 1

Welcome to Culture Pop Remix #1!

I’m Orren Merton, your main host. This podcast is all about picking a few films, TV shows, novels, comics, games, or tech toys each episode to geek out on! In the future, I’ll have interesting guest hosts to join me in our deep dive.

For this first podcast, I geek out on Spider-Man Homecoming; discuss a couple things I’m looking forward to (Marvel’s The Defenders on Netflix and the DC Animated Batman & Harley Quinn); and review a couple comics I read: Terry Moore’s Motor Girl #8 and DC: Metal #1.

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Actor: Tom Holland  Michael Keaton  Robert Downey Jr 
Character: Spider-Man  Iron Man  Vulture 
Director: Jon Watts 
Tags: Spider-Man  superhero  Marvel  Terry Moore  Motor Girl